Top 50 Slot Machine Myths and Facts answered by techs EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SLOTS!


1. What is volatility? 1:29

2. Is the casino able to manipulate the machine based on player card? 2:46

3. Does time of day matter when playing slots? 3:21

4. What is Return to Player (RTP) stats mean?

5. What does the payback % setting mean? 5:15

6. What are the 5 best slots to play? 6:47

7. Is there an RNG in electronic video slots? (video poker, bj, craps, roulette, etc.) 8:21

8. How many spins should you do on a slot before leaving? 10:00

9. Can a slot machine be set to over 100%? 10:47

10. If someone just put a bunch of money into a machine and then left, is that a good time to
go up behind them and play that slot next? 12:07

11. What is a must-hit-by progressive? 13:14

12. What are the different types of progressives? 14:26

13. What is the best way to get the most comps? 16:25

14. Do casinos tighten machines on the weekends or special events? 17:51

15. What is the best way to control your spending in a casino? 19:03

16. If a casino brings a brand new slot in, is it going to be set to payout more since it’s new?


17. Why do casinos move slot machines around or get rid of them entirely? 21:11

18. If you start playing a machine and it malfunctions, what should you do? Is your money
lost? 23:06

19. What is the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 machines? 24:23

20. Are slot machines random? 25:27

21. Why do you like Pinball so much? 26:29

22. Why do you like Top Dollar so much? 27:31

23. Are Class 3 slot machines controlled by a central server? 28:37

24. Do slot machines get “hot” or “cold”? 30:06

25. When you have to pick 3 symbols during a bonus, is that pre-determined? 31:40

26. Are free spins in a bonus pre-determined? 32:43

27. If you cash out and put the ticket back in, does that reset that machine? 33:43

28. If a machine is idle for a certain period of time, can you take advantage of it? 34:37

29. Do casinos purposely put losing machines in the front and winning machines in the back
or vice versa?

30. When should you play max bet? 36:07

31. Is it better to play 5 lines on a $1 machine or 1 line on a $5 machine? 37:45

32. Why should we stay away from playing penny machines? 38:41

33. Does the odds of the machine change if you use free play? 40:42

34. Is it safe to play on on-line casinos? 41:56

35. Why do you almost always get the mini or minor progressives and not the big ones? 43:41

36. What slots should I play if I have a $500 budget? 44:32

37. Does the machine pay differently if you have a lot of credits on the machine? 45:21

38. Do you have to pay taxes on free play or comps? 46:18

39. What happens to a slot machine if the power suddenly goes off? 46:57

40. Are slots on cruise ships tighter than land based casinos? 48:04

41. Button slappers beware! Damage to slot machines? 49:36

42. Why does it take the slot attendants so long to return with your handpay? 50:28

43. Do you have any end of the year tax advice? 52:57

44. How much should you tip a slot attendant? 53:51

45. If you want to play a slot high in volatility, how should you approach it? 55:45

46. If the casino is going through major renovations, should I stay away from playing for
a while? 56:54

47. Why do slot attendants and slot techs open slot machines? 57:23

48. Are slot machines in tournaments programmed differently? 58:50

49. Is Video Poker popular and is it worth playing? 1:00:05

50. Does fast stopping the spin change the outcome? 1:01:18

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This video was cross examined for accuracy by industry experts both currently working in the casino and former industry employees prior to being posted.

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