Online slots – A more conventional bonus hunt, 8 games

Hi All,

Thank you all for the feedback to the last video, my 4,000 subscriber special was a bit of fun and it was enjoyable to do something entirely different! I am glad some of you enjoyed the lookalikes (even the more tenuous ones!) and I shall perhaps do something similar once again in future.

Today I have returned to something of a more conventional bonus hunt. I have picked a selection of games that I have not played for some time. They are mostly megaways, although some of them are the harder to land games such as Beetlejuice and Ted that I am not quite so keen on.

On this occasion most have played ball, and I have the selection below assembled for just under £300. I would say this is marginally ahead of the expected average, so I am hopeful that I can get close to break even when I play them out:

Spartacus MW
Drago Jewels of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune MW
Invaders MW
Cops n Robbers MW
Ted MW
Curse of the Werewolf MW

I will return over the weekend, I hope you enjoy this one.

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