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Disappointed to finish with a loss yesterday. I had assembled 8 decent bonuses for just £330, yet couldn’t even manage to break even from a poor selection of bonuses. Such is the nature of this game though, just landing the bonuses is only half the battle. I feel like I haven’t seen a really good bonus for a while now, just goes to show how rare they actually are.

Today I have only managed to get 7 bonuses, and it has cost almost double the amount of yesterday. After a redeposit it is a £630+ video here, thanks to yet another succession of failure along the way. I walked away from a total of 8 games, more than I managed to land.

Notable fails along the way included Hippo Pop, which took my last £104 with barely a pause for breath. It felt like I could play some of these games indefinitely without achieving the bonus.

That said, I have managed a few decent looking games here. The one I am most excited about is Big Bamboo. I have dropped the stake to 40p, but played to gamble up as suggested in the comments. So I have a significantly better start than previously, it will be interesting to see what it does.

Here is the full selection:

Big Bamboo
Plunderin’ Pirates
Magicians Secrets
Diamond Mine
Thai Flower MW
Twin Spin MW

I hope you enjoy this one.

I will be including safer gambling information in all my videos from now on, alongside links back to my own website. This is an important aspect of gambling, and I urge anyone affected to use all the available resources, no matter how big or small you feel the issue might be.


Please also remember that my videos are highlights of longer sessions. A more complete picture is given with the statistics given and the profit / loss videos I post on my channel and website. Put simply, playing these slots is a losing proposition over time, and is simply a means of paying for entertainment.

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