Lego Pixel Keyboard, Spooky Knight Rider Computers & more!

A LEGO Keyboard, Knight Rider KITT model, Nokia Communicator, Ghostbusters, BTTF & more haunting fun on The Retro Show! Check out for great PCBs from $5 & use code PROMORETRO at to build your own KITT kit!
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• THEA500 Mini Prototype Charity Auction:
• X68000Z Mini:
• The NVM/Team17 A4000:
• MelGeek Pixel Keyboard:• Lego Brixty Four:
• KITT by FanHome promo link:
• André van Soest:
• David Miniatures:
• Table mousepad by

• Mauricio Tonnera
• Leofractic aka Leo Hobden
• Harleyfractic from Game Closet:
• Gürkan Sengün
• TARDIS Door by K Knits / Instructables
• All the contributors!
• Wikipedia & Wikimedia Commons
• The Internet Archive
• Gardenside Prods. & Clue Detectives & Paradise Radio
• All other media featured is marked as public domain on Google Images or used with written permission or shown under Fair Use commentary law

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1:29 Old News
9:17 Retro Memes
14:08 fUnboxing
21:08 Homebrews
25:03 Nostalgia Flakes
27:08 Big finish & Supporter credits

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• – some graphics
• – some 3D models

Special thanks to Ladyfractic & the Puppyfractics! Get a discount on Junifractic’s featured dog collar fitness/GPS tracker at & a free Bark Box at !*

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