BIG WIN! Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket Slot – HOT NEW GAME!

AND THEN IT HAPPENED on the Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket slot machine by Scientific Games!

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Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket is an interesting one where you win by landing winning paylines where the novelty is that any spin may land “Reveal” symbols which always evaluate to the same symbol and additionally may reveal Red, Blue or Yellow coins:
Red Coin: May remove a non-premium symbol with the Free Games Feature or initiate the Free Games Feature.
Blue Coin: May increase the Free Games Count or initiate the Free Games Feature.
Yellow Coin: May increase Progressive values or initiate the Jackpot Free Games Feature.

What’s interesting is that when multiple coins land and initiate a bonus, the feature you play will combine aspects of the respective coins, so the Holy Grail is to initiate the bonus with Red, Blue and Yellow coins!

Here’s a breakdown of each feature:
Blue Coin: Free Games with all symbols but a specific free games count that can grow to 100.
Yellow Coin: Jackpot Free Games where Reveal symbols may reveal Jackpot coins which are collected to award Jackpots at particular collection intervals.
Red Coins: 7 Free Games awarded with certain non-premium symbols removed from the reel set.

Landing all coins and initiating the bonus will award you the max spins, the Jackpot symbols, and remove the non-premium symbols!

I love slots where the bonus features can combine to form new and exciting versions, such as Coin Combo Carnival Cow, where I scored a Jackpot: Or Fu Dai Lian Lian Boost Tiger, another great Jackpot:

Interested in just the good stuff?!
0:00 Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket Intro
5:55 Jackpot Free Games – $7.50 Bet!
8:18 Line Hit – BIG WIN!


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